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Visual Voice Virtual Reality


VVVR stands for Visual Voice Virtual Reality. It is a voice-controlled VR environment for self-exploration and wellbeing. Stepping away from language and cultural context, this multi-participant experience allows for two people joining each other in an abstract virtual space.

The meditative virtual environment we created puts each participant in the first person point-of-view of one character that faces the other in exactly the same floating garments. The installation uses the VR space as the visual context but the audio part of it is the main part of the user experience. The Oculus set-up is equipped with microphones and headphones allowing the two participants to be immersed with all their senses. Every audible sound expressed is distorted into an abstract audio interpretation that is fed back into the headphones real time. In parallel, an algorithm translates every frequency into one of more than 700 unique 3D objects. It’s quite a trip.