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Whopper Severance

Burger King

This stunt, a brainchild of DAVID The Agency was driven by the idea of people admitting to being fired on their public LinkedIn profile. Why would people do that? For a free Whopper! In exchange for stating “I got fired.”  and incorporating the hashtag #WhopperSeverance into their post, those people would receive a Whopper severance letter and a Whopper severance payment in the form of a Burger King gift card. They could then pick up a Whopper, that just like them, got fired – on a Barbecue.

Our team was in charge of creating the web experience with the necessary LinkedIn API and the physical distribution of the severance letters and gift cards. Next to that, we took care of the moderation inside the dedicated CMS system. All of this brought Whoppers to the 5000 brave participants and a lot of attention to the global media.